Taking Your Place At The Table

Taking Your Place At The Table

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Taking Your Place at the Table is the first of its kind on the art of becoming an insider. It focuses closely on three topics: 1) getting to the table―moving from the outside to the inside; 2) using your insider status wisely once you get there; and 3) leaving the table gracefully when the time is right.

Joseph JB Bensmihen has fine-tuned the art of getting to the table―while becoming a millionaire and a highly successful business leader. He has given hundreds of talks at a wide range of venues, from Chautauqua Institute to Yeshiva University to Friendship Circle events. At age six, he talked his way into a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; since then he has met with three presidents, Vice President Pence, and many senators―and has advised multiple members of Congress.



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