YOMA 2 - Compact Hebrew [Schott. Talmud]



For many years; travelers have been asking for a smaller; lighter; edition of the Schottenstein Hebrew Edition of the Talmud. Finally - it's here! Every word of the full-size edition is here; but on a compact 7 x 10 page size Ì_Ì_̨ lighter; with thinner paper.

Learning is everywhere Ì_Ì_̨ when you are at home or on the road. So now; in addition to your full-size Gemara at home; you can now have a travel Gemara for times when you need something more portable for the road.

As new volumes in the full-size Schottenstein Hebrew Edition are published in the series; we plan to publish this smaller; Compact size Edition; as well; so you can keep up with Daf Yomi or expand your sets on an ongoing basis. So Ì_Ì_̨ if you want the advantages of the full-size edition; you'll still have it. But if you're a traveler who needs a smaller size or your budget is tight; the blatt Gemara can still be yours; and you can take it with you.

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