Shomer Hashem

Yaakov Feldstein


This song was written at a time when Jews all over the world came together in prayer andåÊsupport for their brothers and sisters in Israel. As the IDF‰۪s Operation "Pillar of Defense" began, theåÊsomberness and shared feeling of emotional unity was tangible in the sweet Israeli air. From within theåÊwalls of a Hesder Yeshiva, it was impossible not to feel the atmosphere of concern for our soldiers andåÊfor the residents of Israel, as well as the responsibility to take action and fight the war from the BeitåÊMidrash. Tefilot were greatly intensified, chapters of Tehillim were said, and a non-stop flow of Torah learning wasåÊorganized.

Encompassed in this prayer are the deep emotions felt particularly by those who were in IsraelåÊat the time, as well as the knowledge that some of my friends were on the border of Gaza waiting foråÊthe green light to enter dangerous territories and protect our homeland.


Composed by Yaakov Feldstein
Arranged by Yaakov Feldstein and Aryeh Dworkin
Executive Advisor: Rav Ari Waxman

Guitars, Piano, and Lead Vocals: Yaakov Feldstein
Background Vocals: Menachem Seleski
Flute: Aryeh Dworkin
Violin: Shlomo Wiznitzer
Percussion: Rabbi David Friedman

Additional Vocals: David Freilich, Elisha Hagler, Ezra Miller, and Tzvi Richter

Recorded and Mixed by Amit Golan at Super Sonic Studio, Jerusalem, Israel
Percussion Recorded by Bobby Shubowitz at Shuby‰۪s Place, Woodmere, NY

Presented by Aviator Studios, Flushing, NY

Distributed by CD Baby

Cover Photo by Aviel Ben Yair
Cover Design by Carrol Rosenbush, Very Graphic Ink

Special Thanks to Ari Yablok, Tal Avrahami, Josh Goldstein, and Yaakov Gakner.


The lyrics to many of my English originals remain "open to the interpretation of the listener". I often refrain from telling the listener exactly what the song is about - that takes away half the fun of listening! My Hebrew works are often taken from verses in Prayer or the Torah. My songs can come to fruition for specific occasions or when they randomly pop into my head as inspiration strikes.

The most important thing is to realize how tremendous of a gift music really is. To some extent my life revolves around music and without it, I would be nowhere. Whether it's performing, composing, arranging, recording, or even just listening, music presents endless activities to express yourself and your emotions, putting common conversing to shame. Music can do what verbalization can't. That is what my music is all about. I try to instill as much feeling and passion into my melodies as possible and all I can do is hope the transmission is successful and the listener feels it on the other end.


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